For the under-informed, Christmas Island is an Australian territory, about 1100 miles northwest of Perth. I’ve been captivated by the place for ages, so when I discovered that The Island is hardly an afterthought to most of the main land – in particular the Australian Government – I decided to appoint myself King of Christmas Island.

My plan to develop an economic engine on The Island has developed worldwide interest, and my consistently benevolent concepts have widespread support. In a recent email to community leaders, I mentioned how much I enjoy Christmas Island’s unique extension, and that sooner or later some lucky SOB would doubtlessly rush to get a fantastic domain like TheGreatest.CX, some railroad enthusiast or the Chessie System will want CSX.CX, or some lucky SOB would take First.CX. Not even three full days later, I got an email from one of The Island’s tech gurus.

Lo and behold, leadership called in favors and registered 1st.CX in my name out of gratitude for my continued enthusiasm and vision to secure Christmas Island’s prosperity for generations to come. I don’t feel worthy, but they insist! In due time, I will use this website to advocate ferociously for Christmas Island interests. However, as Rivalless Guy I have a great many other things tying up my time. 

Fortunately, The Islanders understand. They know that I’m on a bit of a rough patch economically. Thankfully, their full-throated support keeps me moving forward!

If you wouldn’t mind helping me forward, too, buy me a cup of coffee? Otherwise, stay tuned! Go buy a T-shirt, or check out more Rivalless Goodness at Rivalless.net!